Codeglue is an independent Dutch game studio that creates games for the latest generation of consoles, tablets and smartphones. We strive to create authentic games that are unique and accessible which shines through in games like Rocket Riot 3D and ibb & obb.

Founded in 2000, Codeglue honed the craft of addictive game play in the mobile market, where limited resources and screen space required developers to focus on the fundamentals of game design and feel. While we stay true to our mobile roots and continue to develop for the fast growing smartphone and tablet market, Codeglue is now a Xbox 360, Windows 8, PS3, PS Home and PS Vita approved developer bringing its craftsmanship to these popular platforms.

Our development team ensures that fun gameplay and brilliant technical engineering are not mutually exclusive. Codeglue’s portfolio includes the high quality conversion of Worms World Party (Nokia N-Gage); well-known franchise mobile games like Monkeyball, Lemmings, Happy Tree Friends and Scre4m; and an award winning original intellectual property, called Rocket Riot, successfully released on XBLA, Windows Phone and iOS. With it’s most recent edition exclusively developed for Windows 8 under the name Rocket Riot 3D. Codeglue is also one of the leading publishers in PlayStation Home, selling virtual goods from its Cardboard Cartel store.